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Explain the key factors influencing the development of industrial relations including scope, ideology, historical and environmental factors


Part A Task                                                                                                                                                           

  1. Trace the development of Employment relations in NZ. Identify the stages and for each stage explain how each of following has influenced the employment relationship and any applicable legal approach.


  1. Political views of government (this can relate to the political parties right or left wing views) and of the growth of unions.
  2. External factors including economic, social, technology, environmental.
  3. The ideologies and theories of the time.


Learning outcome two (20%)  Explain the industrial relationship – the dynamics, parties and strategies involved


Part B Task.                                                                                                                                                      


Find the legislation listed on the Employment NZ website (refer course materials) :  There are 10 listed. You do not need to refer to the other legislation.


In your words explain how each affects the employment relationship by explaining

  1. The rights and responsibilities of the parties for each.                                                

  • Employment Relations Act 2000

  • 9 other acts listed

  1. Explain the relationship of all the participants in the Industrial relationship environment using a diagram showing the parties with arrows indicating the interactions of each. Use numbers on the arrows for notes to explain those relationships.


This diagram and attached notes will explain the contracts, the legislation, dispute resolution including Employment Review Authority and Mediation. Use separate boxes for union and non-union employees. The Union is a separate party.

  1. Explain good faith in relation to collective bargaining. With reference to the ‘before’ and ‘after’ effect of the 2014 change to the Employment Relations Act 2000 obligations to conclude bargaining and discuss how these changes affect the role of the Union and strategies in Industrial Relations.


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