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Job analysis is a fundamental building block for personnel management, performance appraisal, the creation of job descriptions, and most human resources planning processes. Clearly understanding the tasks involved in jobs within a workplace is the first step in building a comprehensive approach to HR planning.

Your second assignment requires that you:

  1. conduct a job analysis including the creation of a data gathering tool;
  2. create job specifications for the position you chose;
  3. create and validate a job description based on the analysis.

First Steps

Your first step in conducting the job analysis consists of identifying an acquaintance who is currently working in a position, and who is willing to participate as your subject in the job analysis process. Depending on the research approach you select, this may involve interviewing, journaling, completing a survey, or another method of collecting and refining data about the tasks involved in their job.


It is important, as part of your validation process, that you solicit feedback from them regarding the accuracy of the job description you have created. You will be asking your incumbent to review and comment on a close-to-final draft for the job description you create. You can facilitate this process by making your request in advance of the due date, giving them a head’s up, and time to respond.

Required Elements

Your assignment will consist of three sections:

  1. Your research plan and data collection tools used (including explanations of why each tool was selected)
  2. Your raw research data
  3. Documentation of your planning and work processes,
  4. Your reflections on what you are learning through the process, and
  5. How you would refine your approach for future job analysis work.

The completed package that you submit for grading must include:

  • a completed job analysis,
  • a job specification sheet of your design, and
  • a detailed job description.

You may feel that the three parts of the assignment are repetitive, however, each of the job analysis, job description,and job specification are different manners of presenting core information about a job, and are used for different purposes within the HR office.

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Please refer to the evaluation rubric for detailed information on the specific expectations for and assessment of this assignment.

Reflection and Job Description


I will begin classes during the assignment duration with an opportunity to ask questions and clarification about the job analysis assignment. If you are having difficulty, or would just like to chat, please do not hesitate to drop by my office. I am available to assist you however I can.

Detailed Process Outline

Steps in completing the Job Analysis

  1. Identify job incumbent
    1. Conduct secondary research on job
    1. Decide on data collection approach, documenting planned approach and why it was chosen
    1. Develop data collection tool(s)
    1. Ensure tool will allow you to collect all necessary information to design a job description and job specifications
    1. Meet with incumbent to collect task data
    1. Collate task data and secondary research to organized format
    1. Allocate time to task item categories (% of job spent doing)
    1. Prioritize task categories

Steps in completing the Job Description

  1. Review your job analysis findings
    1. Investigate different formats for job descriptions and select the format best suited to the job you analyzed,documenting why it was chosen
    1. Provide clear job identification (job title, location, the NOC code, and relevant classification information)
    1. Develop an overview statement describing the position
    1. List relevant KSA
    1. Clearly outline regular hours of work, requirements for travel (if any), occupational hazards, and other information specific to the job around working conditions
    1. Working from the job analysis,transfer information to job description as a listing of duties (remember that the job analysis focuses on the task level while a job description groups tasks into duties)
    1. Provide a clean copy of your final document to the job incumbent for review and commentary (get this feedback in writing or take detailed notes as this is part of your required documentation)
    1. Revise your job description as required based on incumbent feedback
    1. Compile your information into a clean and professional final document

Steps in completing the Job Specification Sheet

  1. Investigate and select an appropriate format for your job specification sheet, documenting why it was chosen
    1. Working from the job analysis you created, create a summary specification sheet which includes:
      1. Job title, department, NOC
      1. KSAO listing
      1. Tool/equipment used
      1. Repetitive or physical actions requirements
      1. Minimum experience requirements
      1. Minimum education requirements
      1. External/internal certification requirements.
      1. Compile your information into a clean and professional final document

Reflection, Review, & Recommendations

  • Once you have completed the three key elements of the assignment take some time to review the approaches you used and steps you took to complete the work.
    • What recommendations would you make to someone approaching the process for the first time based on this review.  
    • What improvements or adjustments would you make to the processes you used?
    • Document your response and recommendations.
  • Reflect (think critically about)what you have learned from your work on the assignment about being an HR professional.
    • Describe how your perceptions around the job and the significance of having job analyses information available to you in the performance of your job have evolved.
    • Document your response andrecommendations.

Collate your work including final documents into a single binder and submit for marking.

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Final Checklist for Assignment

(Please make sure you are including all of the elements)

Job Analysis

  • Overview of secondary research with sources identified
  • Documentation of why you chose the particular data collection method you did
  • Completed copy of primary data collection tool

Job Description

  • Working draft of job description (this information should be drawn from your Job Analysis)
    • Job title, NOC, classification information
    • Overview paragraph
    • List of required KSA
    • Hours of work, travel requirements, occupational hazards, unusual working conditions
    • List of duties/responsibilities(groupings of related tasks)
  • Copy of draft with feedbackfrom incumbent
  • Finalized job description(clean copy)

Job Specification Sheet (one page)

  • Job title, department, NOC
  • KSAO listing
  • Tool/equipment used
  • Repetitive or physical actions requirements
  • Minimum experience requirements
  • Minimum education requirements
  • External/internal certification requirements


  • Review of processes used and recommendations for improvements to the process you developed.
  • Reflection on your learning as an HR professional-in-training related to the assignment.

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